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Returns to The Metropolitan Room - One Night Only
Celebrating Men (Bless Their Hearts)

Director: Karen Oberlin
Musical Director: Barry Levitt

This show celebrates men with all their foibles and idiocyncrasies set to the music of Peggy Lee, Jimmy McHugh, Harry Nilsson and many others.

The Metropolitan Room
34 West 22nd Street

Saturday, February 20 at 7:00 PM

$20 cover charge plus 2-drink minimum
$5 discount for MAC & Cabaret Hotline
Reservations:  212-206-0440

"Patton’s stage persona is that of a good-time gal—a woman who’s always game for a fling. Good naughty fun is on her agenda . . . Her singing voice is a perfectly fine instrument for the mildly jokey, occasionally racy repertoire. She can—and more than once does—turn a note into a throaty growl, suggesting the love call of a pussycat on the prowl . . . On Sondheim’s torchy “Losing My Mind” from Follies, Patton provides some welcome emotional complexity, and her understated, engaged performance seems to show the darker aspects of her party-girl character’s psyche. She sings the last line of the song a cappella, creating an effective moment of naked vulnerability."

“It takes a woman of considerable wit, style, and maturity to tackle (let alone celebrate) the subject matter of men. In her new show, Charlotte Patton possesses all those traits as she leads us on her guided tour of all the various male idiosyncrasies that can drive a woman wild--or mad.”
- Broadway World

“Patton did an act that was as close to perfection as a cabaret artist
can achieve. . . . each standard that Patton sang was a superbly acted
one-act play framed by her perfect phrasing . . .
Patton’s acting performance was both heartbreakingly sad and funny!”

- Theater Pizzazz!

“Patton’s voice is smooth and smart . . .
she wins by force of her personality, wit and charm.”

- The Komisar Scoop

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